New!  Upgrades to help keep data clean and people informed

New!  Why sending a text is the BEST way to install a Church App

5 best practices for using and analyzing registration form responses

Three reasons cultivating values is worth the hard work

5 categories of registration features to help churches connect families to events

New!  The best way to collect attendance from all your worship services

How to keep your staff aligned and your data clean. Church missions software.

How to simplify your church structure to be more clean and effective

New! Check out these four improvements to our communication solutions

How to improve what you know about discipleship progress in your church

How church network and mission non-profits use us to manage their ministry (2)

How church network and mission non-profits use us to manage their ministry (1)

New!  A better way to record worship total attendance and decisions

New!  Did you know you can pre-print labels and do daily attendance?

Three reasons groups are the best way to organize and manage your church

Which option for calendar software is best for our church?

How to solve the problem and see the potential of worship service attendance

Notes:  How to make sure you don't drop the ball with people

Epic!  The story of XPMinistry and how we serve other organizations

New!  Five feature improvements and two social commitments.

Five company bright spots and one reason we do what we do.

Epic!  These sermon application stats will inspire your use of text and workflows

What makes Churchteams different from other Church Management Software?

How does your online giving compare and other survey insights?

New!  How to keep your data clean and your donors happy

New!  Get the App.  Check on follow-up tasks.

The three stages of our growth as a church software company

Epic!  How Stetson Baptist helped people invite people back to worship

4 of the best ways to use color-coded attribute responses

Two (Text and App) are better than one, because they improve communication.

New in the App!  Chat, your logo on login, and remove features.

New!  Texting, deceased actions, and registration upgrades.

Joy and patience were the top results from last week's Growthfinder assessment

How to measure discipleship.  Take the FREE, NEW look Growthfinder assessment.

3 reasons the new, staff access upgrade to the Member App is significant

Why our brains zone out and how to improve church communication

3 ways to use our new Member App to improve church communication

Answers to 6 important questions about our Member App coming next week

Why we chose Churchteams and how we're communicating it to staff

How to clean up messy bookshelves, reports and email templates. (Tags)

New! This upgrade makes tuition and other recurring registration payments easy.

Ten innovative ways to maximize the power of workflows in ministry

How to use Text to support your Spanish Church or Ministry

Why Churches Lag Behind with Technology and How You Can Get Ahead

3 common problems with new volunteers and effective ways to solve them

Why the habit of tracking notes is so important to your church

What is a phishing scam? And four ways to avoid getting caught.

How to develop a wedding follow-up system to disciple young couples

Five suggestions for Millenial leaders to help older church members adopt technology

Two attitudes to bridge the generation gap on use of church technology

How to make your follow up system work using buckets and workflows

4 ideas that will improve follow up after big events like Easter

New!  Feature upgrades that make your work a little easier

How does Churchteams software help with worship service planning?

Established church pastors podcast, and the #1 problem that keeps them up

The top 4 best practices for award winning use of text messaging

The top eight ways churches are using text messaging

The top six ways businesses are using text messaging

3 reasons why your church needs to consider using text messaging

How to use reports to target pastoral care and discipleship needs

How to track TRUST to diagnose the health of small groups

How to build an assimilation workflow to thank and invite guests back

4 ways we will support churches that are Blackbaud clients

Five reasons demographic data is important for building relationships

Is tracking an objective to achieve or a relationship to enjoy?

Next year, how would you like to improve your use of church software?

The top 10 highlights of 2022. Is church communication software the future?

New!  🙋🏼‍♂️Chat notifications and seven other changes you might have seen

Survey Results: The most used online giving features and their benefits

Online giving survey results:  3 levels of commitment, and 3 organizational benefits

Survey Results:  4 ideas for year-end giving campaigns

$10 Starbucks gift card for your best ideas on year-end online giving

How Text-to-Check-in is like the Chic-fil-A app.

5 important ideas that will make your church website better

New!  5 problems with church software reports and how we solve them.

3 reasons our least used feature may be the most powerful one.

The best way to make sure your church cares for those grieving loss.

4 Ways to make a big kingdom impact

New! Landing Pages, how to use them to improve ministry communication. 📈

New! 📨 Improve email engagement using links for text and social

Improve website registration using the 1st of these 9 new releases

How texting and QR Codes can improve small group connection

How to interpret data to shepherd well and measure trust in a group.

How to collect small group data and then use it to pray.

Ten lessons from the school of hard knocks that improved Groupfinder.

Seven problems volunteer scheduling software solves and a briefing tomorrow.

Three recommendations for building an effective volunteer system

Seven steps to deal with the stress of volunteer management.

Two truths we hold to be self-evident.  2) All people are equal.

Two truths we hold to be self-evident.  1) All people are created.

Why should churches pay for texting? Built in budgeting features.

Why should churches pay for texting?  Compare free texting to Text-to-Church.

Why should churches pay for texting?  A short history of business texting.

New releases!  Seven guardrails to help you keep your data safe.

The importance of online advertising for churches.

When someone dies, make these six changes to your church database. This new release helps.

How texting can add new levels of warmth to church hospitality.

Short links, website integration, and how does Churchteams texting compare to these guys?

3 customer questions as they consider and compare our texting capabilities.

FREE E-book: Top 50 List of the Best Leadership Books of All Time for Pastors

How to build trust with an Easter follow-up drip campaign.

New!  Pre-print name tags & 5 other upgrades.

Four more creative ways Text-to-Chat helps with church communication.

The top three ways Text-to-Chat helps church communication.

How to displace the stress church staff feel with renewed joy.

3 ways to use church management software to reclaim your outward focus.

What is Adaptive Pastoring and how can digital technology help?

Three tools to help you love the cautious people in your church.

New!  Six improvements because of our passion for support.

How to see and engage visitors and people who have not come back.

How workflows help you care for new people and avoid assimilation stagnation.

Four new professional texting upgrades to empower your church communication.

How All-Check helps you connect people across all channels of blended worship.

Seven ways life happened to church in the past three years.

What happened in church?  Help us discover the best and worst of the last 2 years.

Two customer research insights and how we empower church leaders.

Four ways digital information can help you care for your volunteers.

Why track volunteer gifts of time? To bring joy to the world.

How volunteer scheduling helps you take back your Saturday nights.

Five stops, one software - laying the tracks to train volunteers.

New!  Four pledge campaign upgrades you'll love including self-registration.

How to set up background checks to verify your volunteers are safe.

How to manage interviews to get to know prospects and share the volunteer vision

4 ways church software can help you recruit volunteers

How to organize and hack an effective volunteer system.

What difference does a good team make?  Check out these new upgrades!

The 3 best reports your team gets from our online giving platform.

Why and how to make lapsed donors reports for pastoral care.

Why should you use lists to send email?  An important reason and a cool report.

How to use reports to automate birthdays and other pastoral care opportunities.

How can I use data to establish groups or recruit volunteers?  Here's help.

Five foundational ideas to grasp the mechanics of creating reports

7 reasons churches love our software.  New: Roundtable on Reports.

Three page titles and a new webinar that make scheduling volunteers better.

Our New Look and Three Insights into the Importance Of Color

New! How to use color coding to spot discipleship signs at a glance.

What is the best system for using QR codes for touchless check-in?

How to use data to track discipleship signs of leadership

How to use data to track discipleship signs of serving

How to use data to track discipleship signs of love

A special invitation to a Virtual Conference on Healthy Systems (July 27 - 29, 2021)

How to use data to track discipleship signs of heart-health (giving).

How to use data to track discipleship signs of Commitment.

How tracking the signs of discipleship is like the blowing wind.

What will your church look like post-Covid? Get ready at Church Systems Boot Camp

Three Amazing ways to upgrade your use of QR Codes with Text-to-Church

New:  SERVICE VOLUNTEERS. Top Tier Upgrade.

New! Ten upgrades in two months.

Are you catching hatchlings or wild fish?

Marketing technology and the stages of evangelism.

Scheduled reports and incarnation. The way to build or rebuild trust.

New!  Automate promotion and birthdays.

Don't try this in Excel.  Keep our data team happy.

New! Charting ministries. Reports_Save_Me_Time

Group consistency, a report upgrade, & automation.

Reasons people stop giving and how to effectively care for them.

New! Roundtable releases.

Roundtable update & clean data learnings

Workflow ideas for Easter

New! Option for online givers to cover fees.

Ready for Easter.  Capacity control through reservations.

How to create and automate giving reports.

How to disciple (engage, follow-up) your online only crowd.

New! Upgrades to meet post-Covid expectations.

Data Hygiene

Online giving sticker shock!

New! The Churchteams Round Table

New!  Workflow through reports. What do I do?

Cutting edge photo and marketing tech comes to church

Do you have Software Creep? 3 Symptoms. 3 Prescriptions.

2020 Blogs - Reader's Top 10. My Top 5 for Strategy & Technology.

Our New! Digital Assistant - Scheduled Reports. (Top release of 2020)

New!  Helpful stuff.  But, wait till you see what's coming!

How to recruit volunteers for Christmas Eve services.

Use this year's innovations to make your Christmas services safe.

How to create a workflow for Advent text messages.  Special offer for non-clients.

Text-to-Link: Your shortcut to anywhere

How to track your Covid comeback. 

Our new world of Check-in. Matrix of options.

New! Tags, notes & more.  People Are Your Priority.

5 Reasons Your Administrative and Ministry Staff Need A Digital Connection Card

5 Reasons Communication Directors Need A Digital Connection Card

4 Reasons Pastors Need A Digital Connection Card

Creative Strategic Planning With Dave Workman

How to start church engagement virtually and make it a reality.  VR series summary.

Moving Connection From Virtual To Reality

Moving Assimilation From Virtual To Reality

New! Safety Option For Kids: Room Check-in Count & Close.

New!  Auto-save.  No more lost email drafts.

Moving Outreach From Virtual to Reality

Moving Engagement From Virtual to Reality

How About A Medical Affirmation Before Check-in?

How To Manage Requests For Personnel, Funds, Resources ...

Facility Operations And Churchteams

How to test the integrity of your ministry structure.

Setting Security For Different Types Of Groups

NEW! Advantages Of Being Agile.

Churchteams As Missions Software

New!  Menu Make-Over

Why Gather? - User's Gathering (Zoom) next Monday.

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