ALL CHECK:  The Best Way To Take Worship Attendance?

New Release:  Check-in UI and All Check

Aim Small:  Metrics for 3 Levels of Leadership

Aim Small:  Groups Pastor

Aim Small: Coaches

Aim Small: Leaders

How our Small Group Software became a full Church Management System

Aim Small:  Using Groupfinder to Connect People, Part 2

Aim Small: Using Groupfinder to Connect People, Part 1

Aim Small: Groups

How To Conquer Volunteer Scheduling In Your Church

How text to give is helping churches

Using Check-Scanners For Contribution Data Entry

A Database View of Promotion Sunday

Multiple services?  Copy, Synch (New!), Report.

Workflow Magic: Summary & Insights

Workflow Magic: Caring For A Surviving Spouse

Workflow Magic: Volunteer Training

Workflow Magic: Volunteer Recruitment

Workflow Magic:  Fast-Pass For Sending Emails Or Texts

New Releases: The Reason We Invest So Much In Support

Workflow Magic:  Send A Text To Assure Guest Parents

Recognizing Birthdays

Archiving Data Using Last Activity Date

Workflow Magic: Lapsed Givers

Workflow Magic: Thank 1st Time Donors

How We Simplify Online Giving

Workflow Magic: Missed 4 Weeks

Workflow Magic: Prepare Your Visit

Workflow Magic:  Sticky Messages

Workflow Magic: Digital Connection Card

How To Make Your CMS A Mobilization Server

Workflow Magic:  2nd Time Guests

5 Ways Software Can Help Your Church Grow

Workflow Magic: First Time Guests

Meet NED - Next generation EDitor

Workflow Magic: Context For A New Series On Workflows

New releases. The mysteries of programming.

We're Putting Our Church Management Software on Trial for Your Review

Check scanning for data entry and remote deposit capture: how we compare.

How SMART is Your Database?

How SMART Is Your Facility?

New in 2019:  Integration With eSPACE

Tis The Blog Before Christmas

Measuring Small Groups Compared To Worship

Mobilize God's People - Exponential 2019

WFX 2018 New Product Award & Better Sleep

NEW:  Registration Promo Codes & Workflow Wait Options

New Releases: Email, Reports, Links, Merge Groups & More

Survey: Is Your Assimilation Team Ready?

Assimilation: From Registration To Workflow

Assimilation: Efficient Response Card Data Entry

2 Ways Automation Can Serve Ministry

Assimilation: Start at Check-in

Assimilation: What to Measure

Assimilation: 4 Steps To Map A Workflow

New Release!  Workflow Automation.

An Assimilation Check-Up

Assimilation: Attributes as Benchmarks

Assimilation: Groups As Pools & Dashboards

Evangelism, Discipleship & Assimilation

XP Guest Blog: Training Staff To Use Churchteams

Connecting: Your Tangled Fishing Line

Best Practices: How to Track & Use Spiritual Gifts For Team-Building

Best Practice: The Problem of Allocating Online Giving Deposits

New Releases: Upgrades for Mail Merge for Email and More

Best Practice: Use Check-in To Enter Connection Cards - New Release!

Link Builder

Automated Group Registration (Based on Form Responses) - New Release!

User Gathering Best Practices: How to Use Growthfinder for Values & Curriculum

Best Practices:  How To Use Email Templates

Best Practices to Stop Duplicates & Merge

User's Gathering Best Practices: Use Registration Completion Options for Event Registrations

Best Practice w/ Feature Upgrade:  Check-in Everyone & Auto-Print Youth/Volunteer Name Tags

User Gathering Best Practices: Target Email Marketing

Automated: Mobile Carrier Lookup

User's Gathering - What delights you about Churchteams?

New! Browse Groups UI

Check Data Entry - Research, Rethinking, Release

Software For VBS / Kids' Events

Software for Youth Camp

Summer Registrations

Failure and Success

New Upgrades: Pinned Attributes and More

Introduce the Plan

You are the guide

Join us: April in Dallas!

You need a better villain

You are not the hero

How to build a better website

Advent - What are you longing for?

Advent - Create a group

Advent - Login and Update Your Profile

Upgrades: Clearer Options, Save Time

NEW!  Registration, Volunteer, RSVP

Merge: Clean Data People Trust

Using Google For Church Calendars

Finding Lost Groups

What is Text-TO-Church?

My Struggle With Marketing


Why our church database doesn't have accounting

Touch-Upgrades: Ideas That Make Us Better

The Family Ministry Database

The Text-TO-Church Innovation

New Release:  Text-To-Check-In

Mission Trips And Fundraising

New Upgrades: Texting Worship Attendance

Train, Schedule & Help Volunteers Thrive

Managing The Stress of Recruiting Volunteers

Software To Schedule And Manage Volunteers

4 questions to help you schedule volunteers

4 Ways Taking Attendance Helps You Make Disciples

Rerouted to Churchteams

Two Values That Guide Our Support

Texting Worship Attendance

New Release:  Text-to-Register

3 Problems Calendars Help Solve

Multisite Church Software

New Upgrades:  Support and Innovation

Bad Habits And Event Registration

What does Church Management Software actually include?

Online & text giving will eventually be part of your ChMS.

Summer Sign-Ups:  Upgrade & Briefing

Pastor's Message on Text-to-Give

Giving online and by text.  Upgrades.

Welcome!  Let's go.

Software For Easter!

Software Intelligence

Software in Ministry

The Impact of Small Groups on Giving

How You Can Increase Your Church Attendance By Using an SMS Platform

Why Text To Give Makes Sense

Everything I Learned About Choosing a CMS, I Learned in Kindergarten (Part 2)

Everything I Learned About Choosing a CMS, I Learned in Kindergarten (Part 1)

Upgrades:  Streamlined Processes, UI Changes

How To Learn Churchteams

Database Dummies and Duplicates

Recent Upgrades:  Proof That Support Matters To Us

Why Personal Support Matters

How to measure the use of church software.

Using Church Software - You can't improve what you can't measure

Happy New Software

New Video - Passwords, Security and Access

Four scenarios that make online giving essential that last week of the year

7 Subtleties About Churchteams Pricing

Responsive Access.  Requests and Reminders.

Pricing Church Software: Why we don't charge for support.

12 Things I'm Grateful For

Pricing church software:  Based on what?

Pricing church software:  4 things to consider.

The Discipline of Reflection

Excellence in Assimilation

4 Parts of Assimilation

Is Church Management Software Worth the Money?

New Release:  Individual login option

Our Secret to Getting Members to Use Church Software

New Release: Mass change any member attribute.

3 Challenges to Child Safety Every Church Faces

Agility and Church Management Software

Church management didn't use to be this way.

How to engage the under-engaged.

How to care for over-engaged volunteers

Time For A Change

Pokemon Go: What Church Leaders Should Know

Is Online Tithing Biblical?

Advice for Children That is Also Good For Adults

Small Group Coaching and the 10-20-70 Principle

Rules were made to be broken. Maybe.

New Release: Check Scanning

Release Notes: Check Scanning, Reports, Registrations, and more

Child and Nursery Check-in Equals Peace of Mind

What If a New “Leader” Doesn’t Meet Leadership Standards?

New Release: Built-in Email Marketing.

Why Google Could Lower Your Church On Search Results

What Kind of Culture are You Curating?

2 Temptations Church Leaders Face When Visiting Other Churches

5 Reasons Churches Should Fear Online Giving

5 Reasons We Changed Church Management Software (& Maybe You Should Too?)

NEW! Searchable directory, VBS Registration Video and more.

Looking Ahead…A Sneak-Peek Into the Future of Church Management Software

Obnoxious Things Church People Say

Embracing God's Unconditional Love

Fantastic List of Great Interview Questions

Why Giving up Control Might Make Your Group Ministry Better

Small Groups? Database Management? Children’s Check-In? Churchteams

Great Lessons From Huge Canadian Churches

What Is The Most Violated Commandment?

What's The Difference Between a Group Teacher and a Group Facilitator?

A Glance at the Latest Features in Churchteams CMS

Understanding The Ins and Outs of Online Giving Options


Should Every Pastor Lead A Small Group?

3 Important Considerations When Choosing Child Check In-Software


Small Group Ministry Momentum: 5 Secrets You Need To Know

Merry Christmas!

Added Print to Volunteer Schedule

Surprise! Churchteams can Help Your Church with Online Giving

New Release - Volunteer Scheduling

5 Signs You May Need To Change Your Small Group Strategy

An Amazing True Story About Managing Church Contact Info

Release notes: Tweaks to contributions, reports, and more.

Churchteams CMS - An Affordable Option in Church Management

New Video - Assimilation

Nothing New Under The Sun? Church Management in 2015

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