What will your church look like post-Covid? Get ready at Church Systems Boot Camp

Posted by Nelson Searcy on 6/22/21 10:30 AM
Nelson Searcy
NelsonSearcyAs a pastor, you face many challenges and questions as you navigate the "New Reality" post-Covid. The next few months couldn't be more critical as you learn to implement, adapt and maximize your church system for growth and health. 
The fact is a healthy church depends on eight systems operating at peak performance. In fact, a well-designed S.Y.S.T.E.M. can Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money. 
So at this year's all-new 3-Day Virtual Church Systems Check-up and Boot Camp, I'll be teaching you all the proven, practical elements of each of the Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® AND the adjustments that need to be made now to the systems in the wake of the pandemic.  
I hope you can join me and a great line-up of speakers July 27-29 as we help you prepare for the fall season. We'll answer important new questions like
  • How has the Coronavirus changed the systems?
  • What is the same?
  • What is different?  
  • What should we stop?
  • What should we add? 
  • What does a healthy, growing and effective church look like as we return to in-person services?
  • How are the systems impacted by Online Church
  • How do we manage the systems while doing online and in-person services? 
  • What will your church look like post-Covid
  • How do we make the next year the best year in the history of the church
And much more, including my favorite question — could we see a post-Coronavirus revival?
You can attend via Zoom from the comfort of your home or office — and invite your staff to attend from wherever they are as well! 
This includes both high-capacity volunteers, paid administrative staff and pastoral staff. Let this online event encourage and align your staff and key volunteers to support you in implementing the systems
The Eight Systems of a Healthy Church® — Completely Updated for the New Reality! 
When your church's systems are healthy you will see continuous results and have a greater impact in your community.
For each system, we will invest an hour to: 
  • Explain the basics of the system
  • Examine best practices
  • Explore what changes need to be made (and what needs to stay the same) post-Covid 
Get ready to dramatically improve each of these eight church systems – with just a few small tweaks and minimal time investment: 
Evangelism — What’s working NOW to reach lost people
Assimilation — How we move from first-time guests to members
Ministry — How we mobilize people and grow the volunteer culture at your church
Leadership — How we develop leaders at all levels or your church
Worship Planning — How we plan, implement and evaluate our services
Small Groups — What’s working now in motivating people to sign up and benefit from their small groups, especially the opportunities of online groups
Stewardship — How we develop extravagant givers at our church (and how to avoid fatal flaws during this challenging time)
Strategy — Needed now more than ever — how we constantly evaluate and improve our church, including the metrics that really matter and why you may be wasting time on the wrong things
You'll receive the latest and most impactful lessons on ALL 8 systems — and how you need to adapt their implementation in the wake of the pandemic, Online Church and more! 
Joining me on our virtual stage will be keynote speakers Dr. Gary McIntosh, Kerrick Thomas and Jason Hatley — all teaching practical systems and strategies that will help you lead effectively in this new reality. 
You'll hear a lot about systems — but then how do you manage them? One key is the right church software/database...and I recommend Churchteams! At Boot Camp stay and enjoy this bonus session to learn more from Boyd with a live demonstration. 

Super Early Bird ends June 30: Click here to secure your virtual church passes now for you and your staff.

Boot Camp is your best opportunity to avoid the upcoming landmines as we enter the new normal and prepare your church for growth and health — hope to see you there! 

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