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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/20/22 11:00 AM
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Bridge2All of us realize that email marketing and website hosting are two different things. However, as we talked about last week's release of email links for text and social with our development team; we recognized that hosting email content was just a half step from being able to provide hosting for landing pages.  

It was so close in fact that we decided to build a Landing Page feature and released it with Email Links last week.  You can find it on Content Pages option under the Communicate button.  


Unlike email that is created on the Email Templates page, a Landing Page can only be created in its section of Content Pages.  Landing Page uses the same editor with a few upgrades for the web like embedded videos.  This makes it familiar and easy to use.  

Strategically, Landing Page bridges the gap between email and websites.  It empowers staff with a new tool to connect with people on a systematic, ongoing basis.

What kind of content is best for landing pages? 

Of course, you could use them for anything, but here are a few that make a lot of sense to me.

Equipping.  I spent 18 years as a discipleship or family pastor, so the first kind of content I would put on landing pages would be related to equipping.  For instance, your church may lack a consistent system to help new or stagnant believers learn how to grow in their faith.  To help solve this, create a series of Landing Pages with the content you would share if you were meeting personally with them.  Create a workflow to deliver it on a weekly basis and provide an opportunity for them to respond by email, text, or as they meet with you personally.  You could launch it from your connection card or other registration.  As a landing page, you could link to it on your website and even on social.  Other ideas would be for training childcare workers, host team volunteers, and small group leaders.  Here's an example of a Small Group training landing page that I threw together for a group to set expectations.

Events.  Consider using Landing Page for short term special events.  If you have an event that requires a bit more content than you want on your website, you would be able to create a full landing page and link it from the website.  Of course, you could use the link in text, emails, and social as well.

Devotional series.  Create a landing page for each devotional (Advent, Lenten, etc.) and then create a workflow to text those links on specific days.  Use the same process for sermons or other important series to help with personal application.

Why wouldn't we just use our website for these pages?

Presence. Lots of smaller and newer churches don't have a website.  We see churches all the time whose only presence is on Facebook.  Landing Page in Churchteams gives these churches an easy way to quickly expand their web presence.  

Proficiency.  Some churches managing their own website might prefer creating a landing page in Churchteams and then link it to their website.  Maybe staff are more proficient with the email editor, or they are limited on number of pages they can have on their website.

Accessibility.  Churches with larger staffs often centralize or even outsource their website management.  This is helpful to control access and maintain a standard of excellence.  However, it also limits the ability for ministry staff to create content and place it on the web.  The Churchteams editor is already familiar and readily accessible for them.  A best practice to assure excellence is to create and require the use of branded templates.

Term.  Most website pages are built for long-term, ongoing communication of information about a church.  For short term pages or even pages that don't need linked to the church website, CT Landing Pages might be a better solution. 

The answers to these two questions are intended to prime the pump for your application.  Share your ideas for using landing pages by emailing us back or in the CT Facebook Forum.

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