Four new professional texting upgrades to empower your church communication.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/1/22 8:30 AM
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ichatJust this week I received texts from my dentist, doctor, city utilities, a political survey, Verizon, Chase Bank, Honda, and Eddie Bauer.  I can even text my dentist back if I have a question or need to change my appointment and they respond personally!  I bet you've had the same experience. 

It's time to take the church to that same level of personal service.  Back in November we upgraded our Text-to-Church system to the newest telecom standards so that we can offer full business-level texting services.  We rolled it out officially last night!  Text-to-Chat, Ten Digit Mass Texting, Text Scheduling, and Text History.  Here is an overview.  (BTW, we also still offer FREE texting through email.)


"Chat" is a centralized, interactive, texting portal using your existing Text-to-Church phone (landline, office) number to allow staff with access to see and respond to text messages people send in. 

This means that  in addition to keywords for giving, registering, check-in, connect cards, app access, and links; people can text in a question or a response to an appeal from stage, a mass text, a  workflow generated text, or anywhere else.   

As soon as staff login, they will see a new text bubble with the number of chats that they've not clicked to review.  


When they click on the bubble, they will see the current chat threads. The blue dots are the chat threads they've not clicked to review.


By clicking a thread, they can see and respond to texts using the Text-to-Church phone number. They will be able to see each other's responses.  


To see even more features and answers to questions you may have (including fees), check out this Overview of Text-to-Chat Knowledge Base article.

Ten Digit Mass Texting

With this release based on telecom upgrades last year we are able to bring out of beta the option to send mass texts using your Text-to-Church phone number.  This option is now available in addition to the free option through email.
Great news!  The monthly pricing of $10 for Text-to-Church (including 500 texts) is staying the same.  But, instead of 3 cents per text after the 500 that we've promoted, we are able to offer these at just 2 cents per extra text!  
To help you manage mass texting pricing, we've added the cost of sending a mass text to the create message page.
Click here to learn more about Text-to-Church fees.

Text Scheduling

Another great add to this release is the ability to schedule the sending of mass texts through Text-to-Church. 
This wasn't even available during beta.  Go to Communicate > Texts > Scheduled to  see and cancel scheduled texts.  You can see both the content of the text as well as the recipient list and ability to cancel.


Text History

Text-to-Chat allows you see all text history for any individual.  This includes KeyWord, WorkFlow, Mass Text, and Chat history.
But with this release, we also added a new Text History page.  Click Communicate > History (menu was updated) and select Text instead of Email.  You'll see your Text-to-Church usage month to date.  You can choose from Keyword, Workflow, Mass Text, and Chat filters to search for specific messages or keywords.   
To learn more join us for a Text Upgrades briefing or for a Text-to-Church webinar (coming soon).

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