$10 Starbucks gift card for your best ideas on year-end online giving

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 11/8/22 2:30 PM
Boyd Pelley
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candlegivingFor decades nonprofits and churches have used the holiday season as a special time to raise funds for ministry.  In fact a large percentage of income for many ministries will come in the next couple of months.  The significance of this season has only increased in the last decade with the poplularity and promotion of Giving Tuesday.

Our team could put together a list of ideas to help your church get the most out of online giving this season.  However, a lot has changed in recent years and we would like to hear your stats, stories, best practices, and/or creative ideas.   

I will compile these and share them in blog form the next few weeks and in the new 20 minute briefing on November 30.  But I'll send the full summary data to everyone who completes the survey (5 minutes) and the first 25 will receive a $10 Holiday Starbucks card!  So, don't wait.  Click the link below and share your ideas. 


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