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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 6/4/24 1:45 PM
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_62115f44-74f2-4753-aea3-3cf6cf671dadThe challenge of sending free text messages by email does not seem to be going away, so many of our clients are deciding to move all their texting over to Text-to-Church.   There are a lot of benefits to using a 10 digit phone number for all your texting.  Here are a couple.
First of all, texts come from a phone number rather than an email address.  Secondly, people can reply to the text to interact further with the church using all the other features of Text-to-Church.  These include online giving, prayer requests, chats, registrations, connection card, check-in, keywords, workflows, and the Member App. 
The downside is that there is an additional cost.  So, this past week we added two things to help handle that additional cost - high volume discounts and group texts from your phone.
High volume discounts
We've researched the business texting market and 2 cents per text is as good as there is out there for lower volumes of texts.  However, to express our appreciation to our clients we want to offer 2 additional high volume rates that make our great pricing even better.  
    • $150 per month for 10,000 texts ($50 savings) and 1.5 cents per text over that.
    • $250 per month for 20,000 texts ($150 savings) and 1.25 cents per text over that.
These prices are in addition to the normal $10/month for access and 500 texts.  There are no rollovers for unused texts.   If you have question or are interested in setting up your account for a high volume rate, email  
Group texts from your phone
We also added a long requested option to send texts by YOUR PHONE from within a group.  This option opens up your (the user's) default text messaging app and inserts the mobile numbers of everyone in the group (or those selected).  
Since the texts are sent from your phone they do not count against your monthly Text-to-Church charges.  But, here are several additional benefits of this new feature:
    • Leaders initiate texts from their Churchteams group using their own phones.  This makes it easier for them to remove and add people to a group text.
    • Members participate in group conversations by using their normal messaging app.  They don't have to get or do anything different than they're used to.
    • It doesn't matter what carrier or text messaging apps team members use.

To access this option in the Application, go to any group or team, and click the blue Communicate button for that group.  

If you are not a client, you might be wondering, "why should I use Churchteams for our church's texting?"  You could do almost all of this stuff by linking together a bunch of other applications.  But, that's the problem we solve. 
You don't need to link together a bunch of applications to get best in class level performance. You can do it all in one place.  With everything in one place you will discover that you can do a lot more with your data and save money.
If you're interested in learning more, join me for Meet The Software - our free, one hour, weekly Zoom webinar that will help you discover the intersection of ministry and technology in a whole new way.

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