Four more creative ways Text-to-Chat helps with church communication.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 4/5/22 2:45 PM
Boyd Pelley
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creativechat Text-to-Chat is the new environment for exploring creative church communication possibilities.  Last time we we looked at the top three ways roundtable participants thought they would use it.

This week, we'll look at four other ideas we came up with.  These are not as tried and true, but they are a bit more creative and have pretty significant potential.

Use for livestream chat.  Most live stream software provide a chat service built-in.  This is convenient, but it is unique to the live stream environment.

The benefit of using text-to-chat is that it applies to any environment at any time.  So, live streamers and live participants have the same opportunity to share their thoughts and hear from staff or volunteers. 

With Text-to-Chat you also have a history of the conversations and can easily place responses into notes and make further follow-up assignments.

The downside might be that the chat responses are not viewable on the live stream screen by everyone.

Troubleshooting for Keywords.  Chat threads show you the keywords people tried that didn't succeed.  Because staff can see these, they can follow up to make sure people get what they need.

General questions for staff.  This is similar to using chat live from the stage, except that it is generally provided in written form.  For instance, from the church website invite people to text other questions about student ministry to your text-to-church phone number.

Capture notes on the fly. During my breakout at Exponential a pastor asked me about capturing notes on a busy Sunday morning.  As I thought about it, Text-to-Chat is the perfect solution.  Check it out in this one minute video.


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