What happened in church?  Help us discover the best and worst of the last 2 years.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/11/22 1:55 PM
Boyd Pelley
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shrugIt is clear that something is different about church since 2019.  I mentioned this related to our voice of the customer research in my last blog.  But is this difference good or bad?  And, how can technology help?

Since church and technology is our  passion and calling, we need to investigate this.  I have some ideas, but rather than spending 2 minutes reading my thoughts this week, would you give me 2 minutes to share yours?   Just click this link to share ... 

What is different about your church since 2019?

None of the questions are required, so just answer the ones that you want to.  Responses will be aggregated and anonymous. 

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