New Upgrades:  Support and Innovation

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/30/17 9:06 AM

I often tell people that support and innovation are two of our distinctives as a church management software company.  We released our new, innovative online giving and text to give upgrades a couple of months ago.  At the same time, as a result of great interaction with our clients, we also released some really handy upgrades.  You may have seen these already.

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Summer Sign-Ups:  Upgrade & Briefing

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/2/17 5:03 AM
Late last week we released some of the most requested upgrades from users last year for taking and managing registration payments.    A lot of our clients do not use event registration.  So, to help, let me ask, "w hich of these categories best describe you?"    
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Giving online and by text.  Upgrades.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 4/18/17 8:00 AM
Generally, we release just a couple of really major upgrades a year.  This is one you don't want to miss.  If you're not the staff person in charge of finances, please forward this to them.  They will love you for it.
Why should you consider adding or changing to Churchteams online giving and text to give?
  1. Stewardship grows.  Convenience and consistency increase giving.
  2. Seamlessly integrated.  Contributions automatically post to donor's giving record.
  3. Save money.  On monthly access and per transaction fees.
  4. State of the art simple.
  5. Service you know and trust.
What do these upgrades look like?  
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Why Text To Give Makes Sense

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/7/17 7:01 AM

A few years ago, we heard about and met a company that had introduced giving by text overseas and were bringing it to the United States.  At first, I was skeptical.  We've been doing this long enough to know that not every new thing is an improvement.  Adoption is more important in the long run than innovation.   We decided to watch, listen and learn.  We became convinced in late 2015 and began building our own, integrated, version of text-to-give in mid and late 2016.  Last week we rolled it out.  Here is how we became convinced.

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Upgrades:  Streamlined Processes, UI Changes

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/15/17 4:48 PM
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Recent Upgrades:  Proof That Support Matters To Us

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/31/17 8:34 AM

Last week I wrote about the reasons personal support matters to us.  I mentioned that it helps us with research and allows us to live out the Golden Rule to "do unto others as you would want them to do to you". This week's blog details how we've lived these principles out the past few months. Bullet points by area of tweaks and upgrades the past several months.  Almost all because of client needs and ideas.

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New Video - Passwords, Security and Access

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 12/27/16 6:06 AM

I don't know if the end of the year is necessarily the greatest time to think about security of your church management system, but we are always thinking about it.  A few months ago, we released a security/access upgrade to our password system.  This video will explain for you the different levels of access to the software and specifically the difference and reasoning for:

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New Release:  Individual login option

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/27/16 10:02 AM
Occasionally we've had people ask us to consider adding individual user accounts and passwords.  It is the more common way to grant access to software and it allows detailed tracking of who makes each change.  Last night we released an OPTION to allow this for older clients.  It will be the default for new clients going forward.

Turn this feature on by going to Settings / Security / Passwords.  You will now see the following option near the top of the page.  Currently it is set to Role Based Passwords which is what you are used to.  
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New Release: Mass change any member attribute.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/19/16 7:04 AM
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New Release: Check Scanning

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 6/20/16 3:05 PM

We just released a check scanning feature within the contribution batch data entry screen.  It is designed to work with a Magtek 22523009 scanner (pictured below).  This scanner has a USB keyboard interface so it plugs into a PC or Mac and acts just like a keyboard when you scan a check.  It requires no setup other than plugging in the scanner.  When you test it by scanning a check, you will see that it types for you.

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