Workflow Magic:  Send A Text To Assure Guest Parents

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/21/19 8:15 AM

Leaving kids in children's ministry the first time is scary for guest parents.  They are concerned that the situation is new and uncertain for their children.  They are uneasy about leaving their kids with people they don't know.  They might even have to battle thoughts about worse case scenarios.  Their worry distracts them from fully engaging in worship.    

But you have worked hard to invite and welcome them.  You've made sure the children's area is clean and looks fun.  You've staffed it with good people who really care.  You've even provided security with check-in.  All of these are important, but what if when parents walk away you could do a little something extra.  Here's a simple idea on how to extend your hospitality one step further to help assuage guest parent fears.

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Best Practice w/ Feature Upgrade:  Check-in Everyone & Auto-Print Youth/Volunteer Name Tags

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/15/18 7:02 AM

The best place to connect with parents on Sunday morning is when they check-in their kids.  This is just as true for your members and regular attenders as it is for your guests.  You may already be using that time to start the follow-up process.  If not, see section D in the check-in view.  But, why not use the same opportunity to capture attendance for everything everyone in the family is attending or serving in that morning?  

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Software For VBS / Kids' Events

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 4/10/18 12:00 AM

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.  Malachi 4:6

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4 questions to help you schedule volunteers

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 7/25/17 10:08 AM

A client/friend set up a call with me recently to talk about the best way to set up their groups for volunteer scheduling.  As we talked, I realized that it might be helpful to do a blog post to help church volunteers and staff consider how to set up volunteer teams to make scheduling as easy as possible.  

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4 Ways Taking Attendance Helps You Make Disciples

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 7/18/17 7:56 AM

I often talk with church staff and pastors about the discipline of taking attendance and why it matters.  Neither,  "because we've always done it that way",  nor "we've never done it before" are persuasive arguments.  

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3 Challenges to Child Safety Every Church Faces

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/12/16 2:03 PM

The only thing worse than a child being hurt or abused by an older child or adult is that hurt or abuse happening in Church.  This concern keeps those of us bent on child safety awake at night.  There is no greater concern for safety in church ministry than this.  The liability and legal issue is important, but even more important is the authentic concern pastors have for their families, parents have for their kids and kids have for their friends.  Here are three common challenges to child safety every church faces.

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Child and Nursery Check-in Equals Peace of Mind

Posted by Alan Danielson on 6/14/16 5:06 AM

How would you like your church to deal with a massive lawsuit over the security of children in your ministry?  You’d hate it, right?  Dumb questions?  Not really.

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3 Important Considerations When Choosing Child Check In-Software

Posted by Alan Danielson on 1/12/16 6:03 AM

With each passing month, more churches begin using children’s check-in software.  That’s why more and more church management software (ChMS or CMS) companies are adding new check-in options to their products.  As the number of choices increase, choosing the right software might become difficult.  So here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering your kid’s check-in options:

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