3 Important Considerations When Choosing Child Check In-Software

Posted by Alan Danielson on 1/12/16 6:03 AM
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With each passing month, more churches begin using children’s check-in software.  That’s why more and more church management software (ChMS or CMS) companies are adding new check-in options to their products.  As the number of choices increase, choosing the right software might become difficult.  So here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering your kid’s check-in options:


Is this check-in system a good value?

As churches add new software tools to their list of resources, the also see their technology costs steadily rise.  So if you’re looking for kid’s check-in software you want to make sure it’s cost effective.  Buying the system that costs the least isn’t automatically a good idea.  Rather, look for a check-in system that gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Churchteams church management software has children’s check-in software that is a great value because the check-in module is automatically included in their whole-church-system at no additional cost.  This comprehensive church management system includes a complete database, small group tracking, kid’s and volunteer check-in, attendance tracking, giving records, online giving, spiritual growth tools, and event registration, just to name a few.  All of these features are always provided to every customer at no additional cost!  Churchteams’ system is one of the most comprehensive (while still easy-to-use) church management products on the market and it is always the most competitively priced.


Is this check-in system stand alone, or integrated?

Some churches use stand-alone kid’s check-in software products.  Sometimes they are affordable, but don’t easily integrate with the rest of your church’s data.  A check-in system that is integrated is vital because people really don’t like giving your church their personal information more than once.  Pretend for a moment that you’re a new guest at a church.  You check your kids in by filling out a registration card.  Then you go to the auditorium and are asked to fill out a guest card.  You might assume that you don’t need to fill out the guest card because you’ve already provided your info in the kid’s ministry, but you do it anyway, just in case.  Later you decide to attend a membership class and someone asks you to provide your personal information on yet another form.  Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re wondering, “Don’t they realize they already have all my info?”  Do you see the importance of a kid’s check-in product that’s fully integrated into your church management software? 

But full-integration is not just necessary for guests; it makes a world of difference to staff.  Face it, having one system to learn is easier and it keeps your data more accurate. No church staff member really has the time to manage multiple databases and I guarantee no staff member wants to experience the inefficiency of learning all the ins-and-outs of multiple systems.


Does this check-in software have mobile capabilities?

Does this question really matter enough to make it into the top three considerations for children’s check in software?  YES!  Computers work for check-in, but they take up a lot of space.  Even a laptop can hog real-estate on top of tables and countertops.  If your kid’s check in space is limited or has a tendency to get messy, mobile options will make a HUGE difference for you.  Tablet check-in is a tremendous space-saver!  I pastor a church that uses Churchteams and we use iPads for our kid’s check-in.  We can have volunteers hold the iPads or mount them on small stands.  This requires very little space and looks clean and sharp.

There are plenty of children’s check-in system options in the market place.  I hope these questions help you sort through all the options more easily.  Most of all I hope these questions help you choose the system that’s right for your church.

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