Workflow Magic: Context For A New Series On Workflows

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/19/19 8:20 AM
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Cool1Ready to use our Church Management System to automate some of those important but repetitious administrative, communication and follow-up tasks?  Workflows are here to help. 

In this series on Workflow Magic, we are going to take one task or process at a time, talk about its importance and then show how workflows can help make it easier, more efficient and more consistent.  As you adopt these practices you will gain the confidence you have always wanted in your administrative systems while freeing your administrative staff and pastors to focus on meeting needs and discipling people.  It's like ministry magic!

Last fall as part of our release of workflows, I introduced them as part of your assimilation strategy.  In that series we looked at:

  1. Release notes introducing workflows
  2. The 4 steps to map a workflow
  3. Starting your guest follow-up workflow at check-in
  4. Starting your workflows from connection card data entry
  5. Starting workflows through registrations
  6. Getting your team aligned to effectively use workflows

These laid the foundation for using workflows and helped formulate the development of the WORKFLOW AUTOMATION WEBINAR that I do every other week.  If you haven't already, please join me for one.  If you have, give it a few months and consider a repeat - it's likely to evolve. 

However, as clients began to work with them and we continued to imagine possibilities for improving staff productivity, we began realizing how much workflows can do.  Exploring those is the purpose of this series.  Here is an initial outline.  Since it is being written in real time, actual posts may vary from this script.  You know how that goes.  But, it will be useful to help you gain some context and get an idea where we're headed.

  1. Designing a first time guest workflow that works
  2. The second time guest workflow
  3. Touchig base with people who've not attended for awhile
  4. Thanking first time donors
  5. Pastoral care for donors who've stopped giving
  6. Sending a birthday or anniversary notification, email or text
  7. Sending a series of devotionals
  8. Creating a volunteer recruitment workflow
  9. Creating a volunteer training or follow-up workflow
  10. Responding to requests for more information
  11. Creating a responsive, digital connection card
  12. Send a welcome text to a new family from children's check-in

Please keep us posted as you work with workflows and if you have some other ideas, please send them my way to consider adding to this list. 

Also, if you're not part of the Facebook Forum yet, you need to be.  It's an awesome learning and sharing environment. W e use it get quick feedback on topics we're thinking about and share upgrades in real time.  It's a great way to be a part of our Churchteams community.


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