Assimilation: From Registration To Workflow

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/30/18 7:04 AM
Boyd Pelley
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Have you ever wished there was a way to make sure everyone who asked for something from you or your church got what they needed?   

I'm not sure that's completely possible but you can get closer than ever by combining our registration and workflow features.   

Imagine a seeking guest choosing "How to become a Christian" on a form on his phone.  Then, within 15 minutes he gets a personal text or email back with a passage of scripture or a video link to a gospel presentation.  Hours or maybe a day or so later he gets a phone call from a pastor or volunteer prompted by the system to contact him.  And on and on it goes.

If you're a Churchteams client, here's how to make your wish come true:

  1. Create a registration form with automated group registration.
  2. Make the form available with a Text-to-Church keyword or link on your website, social or newsletter.
  3. Set up the workflow to accomplish the objective.
  4. Make it active and work the plan!

If you're not a Churchteams client, the technology is there to help your assimilation process thrive.  Your ChMS may have something similar already. But if not, you know we're always here for you ... anytime you need the help.   

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