Facility Operations And Churchteams

Posted by Tim Cool on 7/7/20 10:29 AM

For nearly every church, the second or third largest line item in their budget is related to facility operations.  This includes the care, maintenance, energy consumption, capital reserves, etc.  All of this can be lumped into the cost of facilities. 

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How SMART is Your Database?

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/22/19 7:40 AM


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How SMART Is Your Facility?

Posted by Tim Cool on 1/15/19 11:11 AM

For the past decade the term "smart" has been used to identify devices and physical environments that have incorporated technology to produce integration, inter-connectivity and system processing that does not rely solely on human interaction.

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New in 2019:  Integration With eSPACE

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/8/19 7:36 AM

Calendars are a timely topic for the start of a new year.  Here are a couple of blog posts I did on 3 Problems Calendars Help Solve and Using Google For Church Calendars.  Though Google is helpful for many churches, we recognize that there are additional challenges and software possibilities for managing church facilities.  

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