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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/5/20 11:06 AM
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UpgradeOur development team has been busy the past few months, before and during the Covid 19 shutdown.  I've already blogged on 4 upgrades.
  1. Check Scanning & Image Archive.
  2. Automated Check-in Printer Start Schedule.  
  3. Office number for Text-to-Church.
  4. Email lists upgrade.  Last week's blog.
But, in addition there have been a number of other nice additions.  You may have already noticed some of them.  I'm featuring the Org Chart and Growthfinder language update in the title of this post.  But, there is more.  Here is a quick overview. Click or scroll to read more.  Look them up in your account to help you remember and use them.
  1. Organization Chart upgrade
  2. Growthfinder language and setup updated
  3. Child ages & deceased on family record
  4. Highlight Member Type on Member Profile
  5. Follow Up Schedule on Member Profile
  6. Active check-in printer monitoring and maintenance
  7. Groupfinder Email Leader option also sends a text
  8. Mass update Group Member Join Date
  9. Member name in Workflow links to member profile
  10. Proper case for names in Add Members

1.  Organizational Chart upgrade

Churchteams was built to manage multiple levels of leadership for discipleship ministries committed to multiplication.  The Org Chart is built using leaders overseen by coaches overseen by staff (customize these titles under Settings > Basic Settings, step 1).  We changed the color, layout and added some analytics.  The Org Chart is currently listed underneath the Reports tab.  


2.  Growthfinder language and setup update

We took some of the language we use for Workflow development and applied it to Growthfinder, our customizable Discipleship Assessment.  Use it to assess spiritual engagement (knowledge, habits, character, vision are defaults) of a group or entire congregation.  Useful for choosing curriculum or informing sermon series.  Enable and edit it under Settings > Growthfinder.  


    3.  Child ages & deceased on family record 
Automatically calculates and presents ages of children and youth and also highlights deceased family members.  Click here for  best practices for managing deceased members.

4.   Highlight Member Type on Member ProfileUnknownYellos
Similar to #3, we elevated Church Member Type to just below the Custom Attributes dropdown.  We also added some color:
  • Unknown will be yellow
  • Anything Inactive or deceased will be red


5.  Follow Up Schedule on Member Profile
We pulled the Follow Up Schedule out of the Volunteer Schedule section to make it more visible.  Red highlights completed tasks. Green indicates open tasks.  This makes scheduled leader and staff assignments easily viewable from their member profile page. 
Notes are information ABOUT a person.  Follow Ups are notes assigned TO a person.  Volunteer schedule indicates serving on a team.

6.  Active check-in printer monitoring and maintenance

Problem:  Prior to this upgrade, if someone mistakenly started a check-in printer, it would show up as a printer choice for up to 18 hours.  To manually remove bad printer options, click the Reports icon checkinbutton in the bottom right corner of the login screen from any check-in station. Enter your check-in password to access Check-in Reports.  Note the new Printer List / Maintenance button.Printerlist
Click that button to see a master list of all active Printer Stations across all check-in views and stations. CiPrinters
Click the red X to delete a printer based on your response to the following warning message.

7.  Groupfinder Email Leader option also sends a text
The functionality of the Email Leader button on Groupfinder now includes sending a text as well to the leader.  The text includes the Name, Phone, Email, Group Name and as much of the body of the email as will fit in the text which can vary by carrier.

8.  Mass update group member join date 
We added a new Action item within a group to update the join date for all selected group members.  Follow these steps.
  1. Select everyone whose Group Join Date needs updated.
  2. Click the green Action button.
  3. Select Update Member Data (was Update Member Attribute).
  4. Confirm the selection.
  5. Select Group Member Join Date on the next dropdown.
  6. Select Continue to change it.

9.  Member name in Workflow links to their profile 

 From the People or History sections in Workflow click on a person's name to be taken to their member profile.  A nice addition to quickly navigate from Workflow reports to member profiles.

Link to profile

10.  Proper case for names in Add Members

 The system will automatically capitalize first letters of first and last names if entered as "ALL CAPS" or "all small" letters.  We assume a mix like "O'Brien" is done intentionally.  This applies when people fill out a registration form or when names are entered from Members > Add Member or the Create card.  Corrections show up after the entry is saved.


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