Assimilation: What to Measure

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/2/18 7:10 AM
The first step in setting up a workflow is to map it.  That is to set a goal or define what success looks like.  I use the example of success for a first time guest workflow is for the person or family to show up a second time. Then, the goal of the second time guest workflow is for them to attend a new members class. From there the goal is to help them respond to Christ in whatever way is best for them ultimately getting them involved in community and ministry.
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Assimilation: 4 Steps To Map A Workflow

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/25/18 7:52 AM

Last week we released the Workflow feature and blogged on the details of that release.  In this post, we'll show you how to build a Workflow in four steps.  Give it a try and then, if it's helpful, share this post with fellow staff members and others.

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New Release!  Workflow Automation.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 9/18/18 7:49 AM

Ready to automate some of those important but repetitious communication and follow-up tasks?   Workflows are here and just released!  Read this post carefully to get the details.

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An Assimilation Check-Up

Posted by Nelson Searcy on 9/11/18 7:12 AM
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Assimilation: Attributes as Benchmarks

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 8/28/18 9:12 AM

So far in this series we've looked at how assimilation relates to evenagelism and discipleship.  We've talked about it being a process that is more complex than it appears and that groups are a great way to shepherd people at different places on a spiritual continuum toward the same goal of full church engagement.  Today's topic is more traditional in nature, but with a little twist.  It's on using attributes -  pieces of information you track on a person's individual profile - as benchmarks.  

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Assimilation: Groups As Pools & Dashboards

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 8/21/18 8:42 AM

Webster defines process as "a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end".  Naturally, we imply from this that all processes are linear.  In assimilation, this means we are looking for the strategic steps we want people to take in moving from first time guests to fully engaged members of our church.  We want steps 1, 2, 3, 4 to be crystal clear and then everyone involved to faithfully march through these steps.  The problem is that people don't start at the same place along the spiritual growth continuum and they aren't gifted the same.  So as you begin creating structure to execute the strategy, managing process gets complicated. We've found it helpful to think of assimilation as a network of groups to manage this complexity.  These groups serve as pools and  dashboards for managing the movement of people through process.  

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Evangelism, Discipleship & Assimilation

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 8/14/18 8:04 AM

For our purposes assimilation is the process of intentionally helping first time guests become fully engaged members of your local church.  This is the first of eight blog posts on how church management software, specifically Churchteams, can help you manage this process.  Not just once, not just occassionally, but every time over the long haul.

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XP Guest Blog: Training Staff To Use Churchteams

Posted by Reid Hopkins on 8/7/18 7:10 AM

Hi. My name is Reid Hopkins, and I am the Executive Pastor at The Brook in Madison, Alabama. 

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Connecting: Your Tangled Fishing Line

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 7/31/18 9:12 AM

In the past several weeks I’ve been working with an Executive Admin of a large church to reorganize their data structure for effective assimilation.  You could tell by the different fragments of data that several different approaches to assimilation had been implemented through the years. Usually this happens when different church staff use different fields to track the same information.  Or sometimes there are different perceptions of what the assimilation process actually is.

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Best Practices: How to Track & Use Spiritual Gifts For Team-Building

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 7/24/18 10:04 AM
From the beginning of the Churchteams vision, there was a component I called Giftfinder that I dreamed of building into the software.  We built Groupfinder to help people connect with small groups. And Growthfinder as a spiritual growth assessment designed to help pastors, staff and group leaders measure and track spiritual growth.  Here's a Best Practices Blog post on using Growthfinder. 
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