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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 12/26/19 11:56 AM
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ReflectThe last two weeks of every year I review and summarize sermon and Quiet Time insights I journaled that year.  These influence goal-setting for the following year. 

Doing it this year, I  started thinking about some of the analytics we have on my blog.  What if I shared with you the most read blog posts in 2019?  It  might help you see what others think are most significant about  Churchteams 2019 and help you set goals  for using Churchteams in 2020.

Here are the top seven in order starting with the most read blog of 2019.  Preview notes and publish dates are included.  

  1. The Dashboard - Biggest Release of 2019   New look. Simpler access. New line and pie chart reporting options. Easier access to community and help. The Dashboard is a big deal. Check it out. ... 10/29/19
  2. New Release - Check-in UI and All Check.  Check out the latest release that enhances new family check-in and opens up check-in to be used by everyone, not just families with kids. ... 10/8/19
  3. All Check - The Best Way To Take Worship Attendance?  Here are 3 proven reasons we think that All Check might be the very best way to take worship attendance. ... 10/15/19
  4. Meet NED - Next generation EDitor.  You will love how NED intuitively improves the look and feel of your emails. Create professional looking emails on the fly or use a saved template.  ... 2/26/19
  5. New Release - Text-to-Check-in New to church management and texting in church: text-to-check-in. Texting is now the go to way to communicate. Now, you can use it to securely check-in kids. ... 9/5/17
  6. Using Google for Church Calendars Here is how you can use Google calendars to manage your church. It is a great complement to Churchteams yet integrates with your email and other apps. ... 11/7/17
  7. New Release - Workflow Automation.  Introducing our new Workflow Automation feature. Make sure those important but repetitious emails, texts, and tasks are executed consistently. Fully integrated with our Text-to-Church feature, we are excited to share it with you to help you shepherd and care for people with excellence. ... 9/8/18


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