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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 6/4/19 8:39 AM
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DisneyIf you've ever been to Disneyworld during summer vacation season, you know the lines for rides can be long.  But, for a few more dollars, you can buy a Fast Pass.  These allow you to skip the long line and go through a special line reserved to get you on the ride quickly.

Similarly, most church staff have a standard email or text message that they send regularly and want to Fast Pass through the communication process.  It might be to recognize an individual's birthday or anniversary.  Or, maybe to quickly select and email or text people on a serving team or committee that you recognized were missing.  See the Birthdays and Missed 4 Weeks blog posts for ways to use reports to identify missing people.

Here's how to Fast Pass communicate to a subset of people within a group and then to one person from their member profile.

Create your email and/or text message templates.  Do this by clicking the communicate button and choosing either text or email templates. 

Create your workflow to send the templates.  Do this by clicking the communicate button then workflow.  Hint: use the same name for both the template and the workflow.  Also, be sure to use the tag to customize the message.

Fast Pass communicate to selected people in a group.  To do this, go to the group and select the people.  Then click on the Action button and choose the option to Enroll in Workflow.  When prompted select the Workflow  with the email or text and click to send.   


Fast Pass communication to one person from their member profile.  We just added a new feature to do this for you.  Go to the individual's member profile page, then scroll down to the "Recent Workflows" section.  You'll see a new dropdown in the header (image).  It is very similar to the Add To Group one just below it.  Click the dropdown and pick the workflow with the email or text you want to Fast Pass to them.   


All of us love to save time.  Just as the Fast Pass is often well worth the expense to save time and increase enjoyment at Disney, so workflows can be used in Churchteams to Fast Pass email and text communication.  Give it a try and enjoy the ride!

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