What is Text-TO-Church?

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/24/17 7:30 AM
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from_to.jpgText-TO-Church TM is a new User Interface concept.  It combines texting ideas that have been the domain of specialty platforms, with the functionality of a full church management system.  For over a decade people have been able to send a text to donate to an online giving platform.  In recent years applications were developed to text to register for something like an event or a content drip.  With Text-TO-Church, all the functionality of your church database is now just a text away.  Here's the list of current features that fit under the Text-TO-Church concept.  Click the link for a more complete explanation of each one.  The Text-To-Church Innovation post was written to help you actually experience everything except Text-to-ME which wasn't done at that time.

  1. Text-to-Give
  2. Text-to-Register
  3. Text-to-Attend
  4. Text-to-Check-In
  5. Text-to-ME
  6. Text-to-Link


Blue Ocean - In 2005 W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne released the book "Blue Ocean Strategy".  The term they coined has become synonomous with creating a new market space by challenging the assumptions of current red ocean, highly competitive markets.  We created a blue ocean in the early 2000s when we introduced GroupFinder as a small group software for making disciples and building teams.  What we learned and continue to do in that arena is revolutionary to small group ministry.  It is our feeling that after years of developing features that have made us competitive in the red ocean of church management: Text-TO-Church allows us to get back to where we started - identifying, challenging and re-inventing how churches go about using information systems to make disciples and build teams.

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