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I am a latina serial entrepreneur. I am the founder of Word Revolution (a communication and branding agency for churches and Christian ministries), the brain behind The Church Communicator Bootcamp (a training program for church communicators) and the creator of the Church Communicator Conference. I'm fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and I have lived in 3 continents and over 12 cities in the world so far. Knowing Jesus was the best thing that has ever happened to my life.

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Why our brains zone out and how to improve church communication

Posted by Barbara Carneiro on 8/29/23 2:30 PM
We are one of the sponsors for the Church Communicator's Conference October 2-5, 2023.  It is going to be at an Art Museum in Charlotte, NC. 
It's not like any conference we've sponsored before, but very much inline with the direction we are headed as a church communication platform.  
First, I'd like to invite you to join us at the event if you can. 
Secondly, I'd like you to hear from the brains behind the event, Barbara Carneiro.  She has become a real friend to Churchteams and we look forward to being part of what she is doing with this conference.
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