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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 7/2/19 8:04 AM
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InsightsSince February I've been blogging on ways to use Workflows to automate many of the routine but vitally important tasks related to people, communication and processes in the church. 

To wrap up this series I thought it might be helpful to share a summary of topics first so that you can see them all in one place.  And then share with you some insights I had on workflows in writing these.


Here is the list of topics in this series. Click the Workflow Magic category in the right column to see the full list including a few that were done before this series and any written after this post.  These are in order from the first one I did back in February, 2019.

  1. First time guest follow-up
  2. Second time guest follow-up
  3. Digital connection card
  4. Sticky messages (Event preparation or sermon follow-up)
  5. Prepare your visit website form
  6. Missed four weeks
  7. Thank first time donors
  8. Lapsed donors
  9. Recognizing birthdays
  10. Reassuring guest parents
  11. Fast pass for sending emails or texts
  12. Volunteer recruitment
  13. Volunteer training
  14. Caring for a surviving spouse


To be honest I did this series to experiment with what might be possible with workflows. That means we will likely come up with even better ways to do some of these things and my guess is that our clients will find scores of other uses altogether.  If you are in that mix, be sure to

share your questions and insights in our Facebook Forum.

When I started, I was thinking of workflows as a series of contacts and actions over time focused on an individual.  First time guests, Second time guests, Sticky messages, Volunteer training and Caring for a surviving spouse fit this way of thinking.  

But along the way I began seeing workflows also as a way to shortcut identifying a lot of people and then assigning a single communication piece or action without a need to do it over time.  Digital connection card, Prepare your visit, Missed four weeks, First time donors, Lapsed donors, Birthdays, and Guest parents fit this perspective.

In the webinar I do on Workflow Automation I start with these this slide.  It's great reminder as to why we do this.



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