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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/26/19 8:05 AM
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Sticky NotesYou spend a lot of time planning for holidays, ministry seasons, church-wide campaigns and sermon series.  Let Workflow Automation make these times pop. Use them to make key ideas and habits sticky. 

With custom, personalized emails and texts you can help your people prepare for a significant moment or respond to a new opportunity.  Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Devotionals to celebrate Christmas
  2. Lessons from Lent
  3. Making summer count - Children's ministry for parents
  4. Now that Camp's over - Youth ministry follow-up after camp
  5. Legacy - Building campaign prayer guide
  6. Mom Matters - Mother's day prayer or appreciation
  7. Men of Honor - Father's day follow-up challenge
  8. How to meet with God - Daily devotionals to develop a habit
  9. Finding your place - Devotions on spiritual gifts and service
  10. He's got the whole world - Devotional thoughts for being on mission

Preachers and teachers spend hours preparing a message.  Much of the material they've researched and considered is left out of the actual presentation.  And we all know that learning something takes time and developing new habits takes significant repetition.

PXWhy not create a content workflow for people who resonated with a particular message to continue helping them think about and apply what they've learned?  Content workflows enable you to do this.  Not just once, but if you add the registration for a group that launches a workflow to the messages page on your website, people can join the workflow anytime for as long as you make the registration available.

Ready to give it a try?  Awesome.  Map out the goal, time frame and content topics. Then resource the workflow by creating the group registration and the email and/or text content. Build the workflow putting all the pieces together.  Then start it.  If you're just getting started, here's the full post on how to map a workflow.

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