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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/12/19 7:58 AM
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Cool1As you think about your assimilation process for guests, you'll want to decide if it makes sense to create a second or even third time guest workflow. 

Here are some reasons to and reasons not to do more than a first time guest workflow.

Reasons TO do 2nd and 3rd time guest workflows:

  1. More data means a clearer picture of the time between visits. 
  2. 2nd and 3rd time guest workflows extend the length of time you follow-up a guest.
  3. 2nd and 3rd time guest workflows sharpen the focus of communication.

Reasons NOT to do 2nd and 3rd time guest workflows:

  1. More data means more data collection.  Because people like anonymity when checking out a church, It is hard to identify 2nd and 3rd timers.
  2. The goal of 1st to 3rd workflows is to get guests enrolled in an exploring / deciding pool like a new member's class.  So, are 2 or 3 workflows really necessary?
  3. You may also be using notes and follow-up assignments to manually and more personally follow people up. Automation has its place, but it's not everything.

If the reasons not to do 2nd or 3rd workflows are compelling for you, drop 1st from your 1st time guest group / workflow and redouble your effort to make your guest workflow sharper.  Take another look at your email and textmessages as well as your data and group actions in light of this new perspective.  Most importantly make sure your pastors, volunteers and staff doing the relational connection know how important logging notes of their interactions is.

If the reasons to do 2nd and 3rd workflows are compelling, take the time to review the specific goal and purpose of each workflow.  Then align your communication and data pieces to these goals.  The key here will be to develop a clear picture of how you are going to identify 2nd and 3rd timers.  This generally requires a significant emphasis on filling out connection cards and data entry.  But, we are discussing other data driven identifiers like dates of cash/check donations and dates of family member attendance especially kids from doing check-in.  Join our Facebook Forum or email us if this is something you are thinking about.  Your input is an important part of this discussion and future development.


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