Why Personal Support Matters

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/24/17 9:06 AM
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7ef91a31-76eb-4a8d-a47a-cf2a7da0344f.jpegToday's church management software is expected to be easy for the user to figure out and use. Unfortunately, too many churches are still using systems that don't fit this criteria. In both cases the preferred method of support is video, FAQ, or paying for a support contract. Here are three reasons we are convinced personal support matters and should be a priority rather than a last resort.

Research. Church Management Software development is a very competitive environment. There are established companies continuing to push development and marketing limits. There are new companies with niche ideas to help churches. Some of these are well thought through, others seem to be more hopeful than meaningful. The best way to tell the difference is by live interactions with lots of users. We love personal support because that's where we discuss and learn what matters and what doesn't. It helps us set priorities for everything else we do and keep our finger on the pulse of what church pastors and staff need.

Best practices. We intentionally built Churchteams to be extremely customizable. Personal support gives us the opportunity to explore with clients and learn with them the very best ways to accomplish tasks that need done. As we learn, we pass it on to our team and all of us are able to pass it along to others.

Do unto others. We've always had Matthew 7:12 at the core of our support philosophy, "So, in everything, do to others, what you would have them do to you." We all know this as the Golden Rule. Rather than thinking about what's most streamlined and easiest for the company, we prefer to look through the eyes and heart of those we serve. Several of us have been on church staff, so we know that perspective well. Asking, "what would I want someone else do for me," almost always involves a personal touch.

So, as you're thinking about Software as a Service, remember it's as much about service as software. If you're a client and have an idea, a question, an observation or something that bugs you; please let us know. It would be or is our honest privilege to serve you and we want to do that well.


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