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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/15/17 4:48 PM
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zoomin-01.pngBefore we do the big reveal on text-to-give,  I thought I would want magnify some of the subtle feature upgrades we've released in the past few weeks.  I think you will like these.


User-Interface Changes

1.  Multi-select dropdown attribute field interface upgrade.  The old option required you to either hold control or click back into the field to select more than one option.  Those are now replaced with a new interface shown below.  This stays open after you click one and makes it very clear that it is a multi-select.  It works the same on phones and tablets.  You will see this on custom attributes throughout the system.


This is also prominent in the reporting filters (see below).  For large lists, such as the list of Groups, the search option will be enabled.  If you search for a word, Select All can be used to select the groups with that word in their name.   This takes up much less space and gets rid of needing to use  CTRL-click to select multiple option.  However, you can still use the SHIFT-click option to select a range.  

2.  UI changes to the group information page.  Behind the scenes we made changes to prevent the browsers from doing as much word wrapping within column cells. This happens frequently when many columns are present and makes fields like phone numbers unappealing.  In some cases scrolling to the right will now be required but it's a much better overall user experience on both desktop and mobile browsers.

3. Automatically include registration attributes in Group View.  On the Group View Customization page, you can now control whether or not you want a group's registration attributes to be automatically pulled into the group view.  This allows you to set the group view to include just the registration attributes you want to see.


Streamlined Processes.

1.  Take volunteers to a background check form after they register to serve.  If you have integrated Protect My Ministry with your CT account (Settings / Account Info), you can select the following registration setting to take volunteers to the background check form immediately after signing up to serve.  If birth date is included in the form, that field will be passed to the PMM form along with the name and address.


 2.  Merge reports for householding.  In any of the three possible merge reports, if the FROM member has additional members in their family, we now show a pop-up like this:

You can now choose to merge the member and then combine the households into the TO household, or just to merge the member.  The critical part of this is that the member selected for the merge is MERGED, but the other family members are simply moved under the TO household.  This will shorten the process of merging duplicate, incomplete and/or fragmented families.  You might still need to go into a family to remove a duplicate family member or two, but  by combining households duplicates should be easier to locate.

3.  Email Templates option added to volunteer scheduling.  For both Response needed and Reminder emails. 

4.  System log note to track merges.  When a person is merged, the application will add a note type called "System Log" that will contain the fixed and custom member attributes,  and current and previous group membership to the merged record.  If an email with complete details was sent when the merge happened, this note will tell you who received that email and when.  

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