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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 12/3/19 10:15 AM
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UpgradeMost non-staff attenders and leaders use Churchteams by completing a form, responding to a push notification (email or text) or by using Text-to-ChurchTM.  However, we've had a lot of requests for non-staff level access through a more traditional (email address with a password) login.  We released an upgrade yesterday to address this need.

Since many of these users already have an email and password to login to their online giving account, we decided to keep things simple for them.  Now, when they login they can Manage not just their Giving, but also all their Activity.  The upgrade doesn't change the ease of use for first time givers, but the login option on that giving page does include the new link.

You can also find the direct access login link under the Gear icon (Settings) / Giving / Online Giving.


When a user clicks this link, they are taken to the Giving & Activity login page.

GALoginThe email address and password you use to login as staff to Churchteams will NOT work here unless you are using the same credentials that you use for your personal online giving login.  Typically these are different.  As the page title indicates, this is a different level of access to Churchteams than your normal staff login level.

When logged in, the Account link in the top right has been replaced  by a Manage link.


The Manage link takes you to a pop-up to choose My Giving or My Activity.

Manage3My Giving takes you to the normal Giving management page, but My Activity takes the user to a page that includes all their Activity in the database.  This includes follow-up assignments, volunteer schedule, directory and custom links, groups, and update my information.


Finally, there is a button on the top right of both the Giving and the Activity screens that allow the user to toggle back and forth.

Activity2                      Giving2

Remember this is NOT the same as the login link you are using for check-in and for staff.  But, it is the same link that your people can access from your online giving page.  Feel free to share this NEW Giving & Activity link with members, volunteers and leaders who are asking you for a Churchteams "App" for their phone.  Tell them to click on the link and save it to their home screen.  Who knows, it might even have a nice side affect of improving their stewardship.

If you're not using Churchteams online giving yet, contact us.  I bet we'll save you money on your online giving fees in addition to giving people access to information they could never have with another online giving provider.



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