User's Gathering - What delights you about Churchteams?

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/1/18 7:39 AM
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UsersGather1We had such a great time gathering last week with staff and friends from around the country.  It was our first time to do something like this and we learned much that I hope to share with you in the next few blogs.  We broke into smaller groups and did work around tables.  One of the first questions people interacted over was, "What delights you about Churchteams." 

Here are the top three responses.

  1. Customer Service.  Wow, this was so humbling for us to hear.  As most of you know support and training are top priorities for all of our staff.  We make a really big deal about it in how we manage our time and how we share what we're learning from you guys, our clients and friends.  Almost universally, this was the first response.  We are truly honored and grateful.
  2. Ease of Use - This has been another one of our core values since the very earliest days.  It started with the emailed report notifications we sent to group leaders to get information about what was going on with their groups.  We applied what we learned there to virtually everything else so that we now say there is no reason, other than online giving, for your guests, members, volunteers and leaders to login.  They should just have to respond to an email or text notification.  Go where people already are, don't make them adjust to new technologies including apps.  Text-to-Church is the latest addition to technology built around this ease of use value.  
  3. Adaptability / Scalability - Knowing the company the way I do, our staff and client / friends, I probably would have guessed the first two delights.  But, this one surprised me just a little bit because adapatability and scalability require complexity which is the exact opposite of ease of use.  The credit for the balance between these two contrasting values goes to my friend and co-founder, Mark Horan.  He is an all out genius when it comes to architecting and creating software.  Our part in the ministry development process is not to cast vision or create strategy but to be flexible enough to reflect both of those in how you set up the software and in what information you retrieve and communicate.  It's so encouraging to see how different churches customize the software to fit their ministry.  From small, bi-vocationally staffed churches to mega-churches with multiple campuses.  

In my next blog(s), I'm going to share some of the best practices churches have in using Churchteams.  You'll want to check them out to see if you're using them already or can pick up some tips.

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