The Impact of Small Groups on Giving

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/21/17 9:30 AM
Boyd Pelley
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GivingImage.pngIn 2015 we asked a few of our clients to participate in a small study about giving trends and small group participation.  The study was pretty eye opening.  Here's a link to a detailed article about the study that our friend, Alan Danielson put together.  We think you'll enjoy reading it.  In a nut shell, the study showed that small group participants gave an average of $1,886 more per year than those not in groups.

Wow!  How would the financial situation of your church be changed if you got more people into small groups and they started giving $1886 more to your church over the next year?

 At Churchteams we've been passionate about small groups from day one.  We pioneered the term small group software with our first features.  Today our product has grown to become a full-service church management system (ChMS) that allows our clients to use and analyze data from virtually every area of their churches.  Many of you are using all of the relevant components in our ChMS that would allow you to create a report and gather data just like that in the study.  

 In fact, we would like to expand the study to include as many churches as possible.  Would you consider participating in the study?  If so, after reading the article, send us this data from your church.  If you are not using us for everything, feel free to participate in the study by compiling your results and completing the form below.



With these 6 pieces of information we can extrapolate everything we need.  Everything you share with us will be strictly confidential and we will send you a summary of the results.  



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