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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 11/21/17 7:03 AM
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Edit.pngWe've offered Event Registration and Volunteer Scheduling for years. But they have been far less obvious than most of our features and we wanted to elevate their visibility.  Late last week we released an upgrade to the Group Info Page to make what was less visible more visible and add a new RSVP feature.

Edit Menu. We removed the Registration Settings and Volunteer Scheduling links that used to be in this menu to make them their own buttons.  We also brought the inactivate button into this menu.

RegRegistration.pngistration Menu. We put the old Register button into this new menu and brought the Registration Settings link that was in the Edit menu over renaming it simply Settings.

Fundraising (Missions) is a new item added to the Registration menu. It prompts you to link a contribution fund to the registration. This tells the system that registrants can give any amount after they register for the group and then credits their giving record for a donation to the fund selected.  Note: it does require use of our online giving.

The Volunteer button takes you to the volunteer schedule exactly like it did when it was in the Edit Menu.


The RSVP Invite button is new.  It allows you to populate a group with people you want to invite.  Then click RSVP invite to invite them with an email or text that includes a link to accept or decline the invitation.  It uses the same functionality as the Volunteer Schedule feature but we changed the wording to make this new purpose more clear.

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, there is much to be grateful for this year.  For us a company, the honor of serving our clients is second only to the honor of serving our good, good Father in Heaven.


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