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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 6/2/20 7:00 AM
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CompassWe have an incredible team.  For a number of months now, in addition to all the Covid 19 upgrades we've done, we've been working on upgrading our Navigation Bar buttons to make them more user-friendly.

If you are a long-time Churchteams user, you know what the software does, so you will be able to very quickly re-route from older paths to these new ones that we hope are more direct and more intuitive especially for new users.

General Highlights

  1. Reorganization - We've learned that some menu items that made sense when we added them aren't intuitive to the new user.  Examples:  1) the email to update member information was under Communicate but is now under Member, 2) the Organization Chart was under report but is now under Groups & Events.
  2. More ... - Some links in the old menu went to reports that we wanted to highlight as features (ex. Maps, Charts, Email, Text).  We've included and expanded these under the new "More ..." sub-menu.
  3. Settings - Instead of putting all of them under Account Settings like in the past, we dispersed them underneath their related menu .  These are still for Group and Financial Admins only.
  4. Help -  Instead of a smattering of random videos, we created a Help article, containing links and other resources in our Knowledge Base, designed to give you a general overview as well as detailed instruction for each particular menu area.  We have significantly updated the Knowledge Base as a whole and are using Webinar Videos with chapter lists that can be more frequently revised.

Here are side by side illustrations of these changes with each of the Navigation Menu buttons.  The old menu is on the left.  The new one on the right.


Groups & Events  


Members - Read the new Help article for clarification on how we use the word "members".










If you are a client or doing a free trial, these illustrations might be informative but the only way to really get it is to login and start using them.  Try them out and if something just doesn't feel right, let us know. 

If you are thinking at all about changing or finding church management software, now is an incredible time to check out Churchteams.  You will love our full feature set, pricing and cutting edge ministry software innovation.

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