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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/14/17 8:36 AM
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Learn.jpgFor years I've done webinars to show prospects and clients together how to get the most out of the different features of the software.  At first, this was fine because the feature set was small groups and then membership.  As we added features, I added webinars (virtual classes) for contributions, check-in, volunteers & events, and setup & help.  For about a year I've had a feeling that we could do better.  With input from clients and staff, we just changed our learning process to three stages:  Get Acquainted, Get Going, and Get Trained.

Get Acquainted.  Only the most courageious, prospective clients want to sit through 5 hours of training to get a feel for the software.  So, I just added the brand new Meet The Software class.  In just 1 hour we cover all the features of the software at a high, introductory level.  It really is the best way to get to know the software and us.  Either before or after this class, we encourage clients to start a  hands-on, 30 day free trial.

Get Going.  During the free trial or sometimes after becoming a client, we direct people to the Basic Settings step and encourage them to send us some or all of their member data to import.  This gives them their people and structure to work with.  At the same time, we've introduced a new part of the process - an on-boarding call.  This is a one to one call with one of our staff to review and customize the settings and address any unique challenges or questions. 

Get Trained.  We didn't do away with the 5 classes, we are just re-packaging them as our Churchteams Academy.  We offer these every other week as either 2 afternoon or 2 morning blocks of time.  This way, our most serious prospects, clients and their new staff can set aside a chunk of time for training.  They are offered in a format that more intentionally builds one class on the other.   Coupled with this will be our CT Briefings.  These are 15-30 minute phone calls to introduce new features or "just-in-time" briefings on helpful features based on the ministry year.

We not only want to constantly improve the features in Churchteams, but also our processes of on-boarding and supporting prospects and clients.  As we roll out this new approach to learning Churchteams this week, may the Lord use it to bless those who are such a blessing to their churches.

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