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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/9/18 8:37 AM
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ChurchTeams-1527-copy-1.pngOn December 31, we launched a brand new, super-upgraded website for Churchteams. If you haven’t seen it, click here to check it out. We started the process 6 months ago and for those of you who are considering redoing or building a website, here’s some things I’ve learned. I am indebted to Don Miller’s work at Storybrand whose blog and book I have consumed, and our marketing partner, Lure Studios, whose team has come alongside and mentored us through this process.  For a few weeks, I'm going to share, in my own words what I've learned about how to build a better website and how I think it applies to building a better church website.  Here is the big picture:

  1. Your website tells a story
  2. You are not the hero
  3. You need a better villain
  4. You are the guide
  5. Introduce the plan
  6. Make the next step clear

Websites became a big deal for churches in the early 2000s.  We were all in a rush to get something on the web.  Soon, we realized that the Internet was the new drive by curb appeal for how we presented our church. So, church websites were built to showcase the church just like a good sign and manicured property did. A picture of the building, the children's play area, people worshipping, people in a small group, etc.. 

This website design tells a story.  This is who we are.  We take care of our property. People who come here worship, learn, have fun, smile. Here's why, when and where we do what we do. Don't hear me say these things are mistaken, wrong or bad. I'm not. For today, I just want us to realize that our website tells a story. We totally embraced this.  I bet you do too.  

So, if the website tells a story, maybe a way to improve it is to look at what makes a good story.  That's what we did and what I want to explore with you.  Stay tuned.

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