Coronavirus. Two ways we can help your church.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/12/20 12:41 PM
Boyd Pelley
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TrumpLast night the President  banned at-risk travel and made available loans to help businesses through the Cornovirus Pandemic.  The NBA season is over.  And the NCAA tournament won't have spectators.  What!  March madness without the crowd?

These are going to be a tough few weeks and all of us want to do our part.  We've all read about social distancing and the instances above are just a couple of examples.  So, what about Sunday worship?  Should we meet or not?  That's your call.  Either way, here are two ways we can help.

First of all, communication.  Use our state of the art email editor to get the word out and even schedule a series of follow up emails.  Take it a step further and use our integrated texting.  If you're a client you have both of these at your disposal right now.  If you're not, go ahead and do a 30 day trial and you'll have access to these tools right now.  

The big one though is concern about finances.  With social distancing I expect a lot of churches will not meet this week or at the very least a lot of their people will choose not to attend for a few weeks.  Online giving is your answer.  

When you send an email or text to encourage your people, be sure to include a link to your online giving account. Put it on your website and on your social pages.  Encourage people to consider setting up recurring giving.  To save around 2% on fees, encourage them to link their secure giving to their checking or saving accounts.  If you don't have online giving or need to make a change, email and we'll get you set up in a few days.  You can also learn more under Settings > Giving > Online Giving inside the application or on our Giving feature page.

We will certainly get through this season of concern.  We know the One who is in control of our lives and the nations.  Our trust is in the Lord.  And one of the ways we can love him well is by loving and encouraging each other well.  Our prayer is that these tools will help you do exactly that.

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