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Posted by Boyd Pelley on 5/7/18 10:14 AM
Boyd Pelley
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Jess-1You don't have to have people input their mobile carrier to send them a text anymore! 
In the past, we encouraged you to use the "Email Request For Update Information" report (Reports / Communication) to have people input their carrier themselves.  You can still do this to have people double check it, but last week we released a feature that automatically looks up and inputs mobile carriers for every new mobile phone number that is entered into your account.  Over the weekend we executed a process to look up the mobile carrier for all of your mobile numbers that don't currently have a carrier listed.  A lookup was not (and will not) be done for people who already have one listed or have opted out of texting. 
Text-to-Me, the Requests to Volunteer emails/texts, and the Email Request for Updated Information all give people options to opt out of receiving text messages.  But, in general, I think it is best practice to text based on groups or filters that you know would like to receive texts rather than just sending it out to everyone. 
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