5 Reasons Communication Directors Need A Digital Connection Card

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/6/20 11:15 AM
Boyd Pelley
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creativeIf you pour out your time and heart to pick the right font, images, navigation and content for your website.  If it drives you crazy to see unbranded or rogue email templates being used by staff.  If you wish there were a way to connect your social media and streaming messages to your communication process.  You must be responsible for your church's communication.

It's not easy to be responsible for church communications.  There are certain principles and values that drive your commitment to excellence.  You know everyone is looking.  And what they see determines their perception of your church.  

You have a lot of tools to help you.  One of the best ones that you may not have thought about yet is moving to or adding on a digital connection card.  Here's some reasons, we think you'll find them helpful.

  1. The church website needs to be better utilized.  Almost everyone these days starts their search for a church by going online.  A church's domain is their truest address.  It is the hub of all that happens.  Guests need to feel welcome there.  Members need to feel welcome there. People far from God need to feel welcome there.  Once a digital connection card is filled out, the respondent is directed to a webpage specifically designed for them.  We recommend this page to be your weekly bulletin that has links to even more information or to respond immediately. 
  2. Text-to-Church keywords need to be managed.   Text-to-Church is a brilliant tool for any kind of registration or follow-up process.  But, over time the number of keywords can make it feel overwhelming.  A digital connection card can be used to see a list of opportunities or events and directly register for any of them that do not require additional information or payments.  Even those that do can be listed and an email and/or text be sent to the person to fill out the rest of the information.  
  3. NMC2Simple forms get more responses.  When a prior user of Text-to-Church texts to receive a digital connection card, all the information the database has for that person is already in the form.  Not having to re-enter already captured data is a huge time saver that allows the respondent to focus on the questions requiring a response.  This will increase the capture rate. 
  4. One place to manage data is better than many.  Sure, you can use the live stream chat, comments on Youtube videos, posts on Facebook, open-ended texts, and other third party tools to capture information.  But, just like printed connection cards, all that data has to be manually entered into your database.  A digital connection card allows people on any platform whether print, webpage, social media, video, streaming, or live to use the most familiar application on their phone, texting, to respond.  And this data goes directly into your database and can be immediately, without manual input, put into a follow-up workflow or pipeline. 
  5. Consistent messaging is better than discrepant messaging.  Having to ask people to respond in different ways depending on what platform they are using to view content is like each ministry in a church using different logos, fonts and colors.  It's clear that they are not in synch with each nor well-branded.  Digital connection cards provide a single, consistent way for people to respond to content no matter how they are viewing it.

At the end of the day, ministry is about relationships and relationships are built by communication.  The better the communication, the better the relationship.  Digital connection cards are another avenue to connect with the people God has brought you.

If you're a client, here's the Knowledge Base Article to set one up.

If you're not, start a free trial, select your Text-to-Church number, follow those instructions and you can try it for free!

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