5 Reasons Your Administrative and Ministry Staff Need A Digital Connection Card

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/13/20 9:45 AM
Boyd Pelley
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HurryLet's face it, working through Connection Cards consumes a lot of staff time.  Administrative staff spend time entering data, sending communication and making follow-up assignments.  Ministry staff spend time trying to connect with people, personally leaving too many voicemails that never get further follow-up.

A Digital Connection Card used in conjunction with our Workflow and Assimilation Tracking is the system you are looking for to free up time from tedious work and optimize personal relationships.

Here are 5 reasons your church staff will love using a Digital Connection Card.

  1. Administrative staff will save time doing data entry.  In fact, there is no data entry since people are filling out the card on their phone.  Also, admins don't have to spend time trying to make out what is written on a card and mis-entering data.  Finally, many people today simply prefer entering data on their phone over using pen and paper.
  2. Administrative staff will be more precise in responding to people's needs.  Think about the Mondays that are holidays or that have urgent needs that steal time from data entry.  Add a workflow to the digital card responses and control email and text responses to the exact day and even minute you want people to receive them.  
  3. ManphoneAdministrative staff are notified to pray or care for people immediately.  In many churches the bottleneck for follow-up comes from data entry and response assignments.  Once a workflow is created, appropriate staff will automatically be notified to respond to a need or question.  The pastor or staff person receives an email and/or a text within minutes of someone completing a card.  The notification links them to see details and contact information. 
  4. Ministry staff will have a follow up dashborad from which to work.  A digital connection card is really a registration that uses advanced features to put people into groups which in turn launch the workflow.  But the group doubles as a dashboard for staff to see everyone that has been assigned to them.  Sort by the follow-up date instead of last name to make overdue and current assignments appear at the top of the list.
  5. Administrative and ministry staff learn to optimize the software.  As staff start to use the software to work through connection cards, they become familiar with the potential of the software for other ministry tasks and processes. 

We live in a new age of entrepreneural innovation that has been accelerated by unprecedented changes in church life as a result of this year's pandemic.  Technology has found new or at least more significant roles in how we do ministry.  It looks to us like the Digital Connection card is the bridge from old way of doing things to the new.

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