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Posted by James Seawell on 7/11/17 8:02 AM
James Seawell

reroute image.jpgHave you ever been on a trip and heard that familiar robotic voice…rerouting? The implication is that you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere and you need to get back on track. Sometimes, it’s not that you made a wrong turn, but the GPS that you are following found a faster, better route to the same destination.

Nine months ago I was on a route that involved leading a young healthy church and also working with Churchteams, part time, to help churches make disciples and build teams. In my mind, this was the correct route that would get me to the destination of creating a culture of discipleship, which is one of my great passions in life. Well, as often happens, God had a different route in mind, which is probably why Proverbs 16:9 is one of my favorite verses. It shares, “A man’s heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” With these new steps, came some renewed insights from the Lord…

  • You can’t make disciples as a burned-out disciple.
  • Your two young boys (with special needs) need more time with their dad.
  • Your view of discipleship needs to expand beyond pastoral duties.
  • Your discipleship destination remains the same, but the route has changed.

So through much prayer, discussion, and preparation with my wife, church leadership team, and Churchteams we started a transition. This time of change would include preparing a new pastor, shopping for a house in 3 states, and creating a new rhythm of family life that would give us some much-needed margin. So as of April 3rd, I became a full-time employee of Churchteams. This new opportunity allows me to co-labor with ministries all over the world in several ways.

  • Help ministry leaders think though ministry design.
  • Provide solutions that minimize admin work and maximize ministry contact.
  • Provide timely support for busy ministry leaders.
  • Work with our team to creatively communicate our suite of products
  • Use my ministry experience to be a voice in product development.

Our passion here at Churchteams is to help ministries make disciples and build teams. Maybe your church has always had the same destination, but it too, needs a change of route. Maybe we can help.



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