How SMART Is Your Facility?

Posted by Tim Cool on 1/15/19 11:11 AM
Tim Cool

Cool1For the past decade the term "smart" has been used to identify devices and physical environments that have incorporated technology to produce integration, inter-connectivity and system processing that does not rely solely on human interaction.

  • SMART Phone
  • SMART House
  • SMART Building
  • SMART Cars

Well...Cool Solutions Group and eSPACE have a new term that is not a fad or a "Star Trek" kind of futuristic fantasy. Ready...


That's right...your church building can now be SMART. Not only can you use eSPACE to Schedule your facilities and create Work Orders and plan for your Life Cycle Costs, you can make it smart. 

What does that even mean?!?! How can an inanimate object be smart?  It is like the does not have a brain...or does it? With the newly release FACILITeSPACE module to the eSPACE suite of Facility Management software applications, we have given your church building a brain...well sort of. While we cannot literally give your facility any gray matter, we have just released the next best thing.

FACILITeSPACE is the ONLY application that allows your church to integrate your event/facility scheduling software to many of your major building systems:

  1. COOLSPACE - HVAC integration with Building Automation and WiFi thermostats
  2. SECURESPACE - Door access controls
  3. INFOSPACE - Comprehensive system to integrate with your digital signage and digital room signage
  4. TECHSPACE - Coming Soon! - Will provide integration and alerts with early detection sensors (think water leak detection, overheated electrical panels and devices, humidity control, IT closet temperature....get the point...and turn on projectors and TV's when an event is scheduled - WOW!)
  5. BRIGHTSPACE - Coming Soon! - Integration to lighting throughout your facility schedule your event in eSPACE and it:

  • Turns the HVAC on in time for event and then turns it off after the event
  • Unlocks/Locks whatever doors you need access (that have digital controls) for that event
  • Lists the schedule and other event data on the digital signage through your building
  • Displays the events on the digital door sign
  • Turns on the TV or Projector for the event
  • Turns on and off the needed lights for the event
  • Alerts your facility team and appropriate vendors if there is a significant issue

This is not a fairy tale...this is the world of IoT (Internet of Things) and the future is NOW.

Contact our team for more information and let the OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES BEGIN!


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