Automated Group Registration (Based on Form Responses) - New Release!

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 6/19/18 6:30 AM
Problem:  When someone registers for something, the system simply puts them into that group (event, class, etc.).  In many cases responses people choose require manually transferring or copying them to another group for additional follow-up.
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New! Browse Groups UI

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 4/24/18 7:20 AM

Helping people connect to groups has been a core feature in Churchteams since the beginning.  We started using the term Groupfinder for this feature back in 2001.  You customize the search options to fit your church and the questions you would ask to help someone find a group.  Then categorize the groups accordingly and people looking for groups can find a match themselves. This removes staff from being the bottleneck for connection, but notifies staff when connections are made to keep them in the loop.

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Finding Lost Groups

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/31/17 7:31 AM

When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. Matthew 9:26 (MSG)

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Software in Ministry

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/28/17 9:10 AM

Yesterday, I did a workshop at the Southwest Small Groups conference in Las Vegas that my friend, Mark Howell, is hosting.  The title of my workshop was Small Group Intelligence Software.  I thought I would take a couple of weeks to share some of that content.  Today, I'd like to consider the role of software in ministry.  This diagram illustrates it well.

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The Impact of Small Groups on Giving

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 3/21/17 9:30 AM
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Small Group Coaching and the 10-20-70 Principle

Posted by Mike Mack on 6/28/16 6:05 AM

As I coach and consult with small group point leaders and churches, I'm finding that coaching leaders is (still) a struggle for many. At the same time, I partner with several organizations that deal with coaching business leaders, and I'm applying what I'm learning in that environment to small group and church ministry.

Over the next several posts, I'll share a few of the things I'm learning. Today, I want to discuss the 10-20-70 model of leadership development and how it relates to coaching.

I work in collaboration with with a worldwide organization called Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. It's founder, Marshall Goldsmith, recently shared a brief (less than a minute and a half) video about this 10-20-70 model and how it relates to business coaching, which you can watch here.

In the 10-20-70 model (often referred to as the 70-20-10 model for learning and development),

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What If a New “Leader” Doesn’t Meet Leadership Standards?

Posted by Mark Howell on 6/7/16 8:57 AM

I get questions. A lot of questions.  Sometimes they come in by email.  Other times as a comment on a blog post.  I try hard to answer them all. When it’s a question many are asking, I try to answer them here on the blog.  I bet I’ve answered today’s question about a hundred times a year for the last 10 years. No  joke.

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Why Giving up Control Might Make Your Group Ministry Better

Posted by Allen White on 3/15/16 7:06 AM

I hear a lot of pastors debate the need for a quality experience at the expense of connecting and growing the vast majority of their congregations and their communities into their group system. I also hear the reverse of this, which is, in order to embrace a large quantity of groups, then quality must somehow be sacrificed. 

We approach ministry as if we have all the time in the world. Somehow we think our people will live forever, and so will the people our people need to reach for Christ. But let’s be honest, we don’t have the luxury of time. 

The apostle Paul didn’t have the luxury of time either. Reviewing his journeys in the book of Acts, Paul never spent more than 6-18 months in any one location, yet in his quest to spread the gospel throughout the known world and to reach Spain, he put leaders in place everywhere he planted a church and then gave them the crash course on ministry. We would call this “quick and dirty” before we would call it “quality.” Paul gave them their marching orders and then basically instructed them, “Do the best you can. The Holy Spirit will guide you. If you run into trouble, then send me a letter.” Then, Paul was off to the next place. 

In living with the tension between the quality and quantity of ministry, I want you to consider these words from Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management

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Should Every Pastor Lead A Small Group?

Posted by Mike Mack on 1/19/16 6:02 AM

For years I've been following Jim Egli. His books, blogs, and brotherly love have influenced my own views toward groups, discipleship, and ministry in general.

I recently read a post Jim wrote that I believe could have a profound effect on churches, if it gets into the right hands. With Jim's permission, I'm sharing here his "4 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Lead a Small Group." I will share only his four main points and then add my own commentary to them. To read his original post—which you should!—click on the link.

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Small Group Ministry Momentum: 5 Secrets You Need To Know

Posted by Mark Howell on 12/29/15 5:03 AM

Momentum. Few of us have it. All of us want it.

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