Using Google For Church Calendars

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 11/7/17 6:31 AM

We use Google Apps including email, calendar, drive, sheets, and docs; and I recommend Google every time people ask me about a calendar.  So, I want to show you how to use Google for your church calendar.  Thousands of businesses of every size use them and so do thousands of churches.

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What is Text-TO-Church?

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/24/17 7:30 AM

Text-TO-Church TM is a new User Interface concept.  It combines texting ideas that have been the domain of specialty platforms, with the functionality of a full church management system.  For over a decade people have been able to send a text to donate to an online giving platform.  In recent years applications were developed to text to register for something like an event or a content drip.  With Text-TO-Church, all the functionality of your church database is now just a text away.  Here's the list of current features that fit under the Text-TO-Church concept.  Click the link for a more complete explanation of each one.  The Text-To-Church Innovation post was written to help you actually experience everything except Text-to-ME which wasn't done at that time.

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Why our church database doesn't have accounting

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 10/2/17 3:30 PM

When Mark and I started, the motivation was to build software to help churches make disciples and build teams.  For us, people are intrinsically the focus of this.  Resources like space and money, though important, have not been the problems that we've built software to solve.  There are other software products focused on just these issues.  I was explaining to our marketing partner a couple of months ago that our focus is on everything related to "People Data."  In my webinars I often talk about the 5 Software sets that from my perspective every church needs, and Churchteams is just one of them.   The one place where all your people data can live.  Here they are:

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How You Can Increase Your Church Attendance By Using an SMS Platform

Posted by Ken Rhie on 3/14/17 8:10 AM

When you want to improve church communication, you have to take into consideration the ways in which people communicate today. While printing out a weekly church bulletin and having a guestbook to sign may reach your older parishioners, younger generations are more interested in social media, emails and text messaging. As you work towards increasing new parishioner retention, you have to start reaching out to newcomers through technological means. When you want to get people who visit your church interested in what you have to offer, text messaging is an essential way to make this happen.

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Database Dummies and Duplicates

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 2/7/17 8:06 AM
I asked our team the other day for their input on blog topics that would help our clients.  Donna, who helps Mark with programming and does most of the data imports suggested I do one on clean data.  What a great idea.  Here's her thoughts about Duplicate and Dummy Records.
Donna:  I am surprised at how many clients leave our "dummy" records in their account.
Boyd:  These are the profile records that come with your free trial.  They are there to give some names to play around with.  But, when you're data is imported, get rid of them!  We've given you an easy way to do that: Reports / Members - Delete Members.  Then under filters: Groups / Group Involvement / People in a Group - pick the Archive group (it contains all these dummy records) and run.  Gone.  Then, get rid of the dummy groups by clicking the red x on the far right of the browse groups page.
Donna:    After I load client data, I can spot the duplicates in the member table. So, I send them files with the records that I think might be duplicates highlighted for them to look at and merge.  At least I do this with our larger clients once I have finished loading their data.  It boggles my mind how messy some databases are.
Boyd:  Listen to Donna everyone!  She knows this stuff really well.  The Excel file she sends you with highlighted names is pure gold.  She has done the hard work.  Review the highlights then use our merge feature to merge people together.  If you need help acting on her recommendations, let us know.  
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Recent Upgrades:  Proof That Support Matters To Us

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/31/17 8:34 AM

Last week I wrote about the reasons personal support matters to us.  I mentioned that it helps us with research and allows us to live out the Golden Rule to "do unto others as you would want them to do to you". This week's blog details how we've lived these principles out the past few months. Bullet points by area of tweaks and upgrades the past several months.  Almost all because of client needs and ideas.

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Why Personal Support Matters

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/24/17 9:06 AM

Today's church management software is expected to be easy for the user to figure out and use. Unfortunately, too many churches are still using systems that don't fit this criteria. In both cases the preferred method of support is video, FAQ, or paying for a support contract. Here are three reasons we are convinced personal support matters and should be a priority rather than a last resort.

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How to measure the use of church software.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/17/17 9:21 PM

 In the previous blog, we talked about what the successful use of church software  looks like.  But, once you've defined success, how do you measure it?  

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Happy New Software

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 1/3/17 10:30 AM

This was my 18th new year as the co-founder of a company working on new software.  As I was contemplating 2016 and anticipating 2017 this week, I thought about the lifecycle of software and, much like life, how it goes through several stages.  

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Responsive Access.  Requests and Reminders.

Posted by Boyd Pelley on 12/6/16 8:02 AM

Of all the usage / design ideas we've had through the years, the idea of using a push out email to get a response from volunteers may be the most significant.  Along with the Groupfinder feature, the email reminders to leaders established Churchteams as the innovator and leader in small group software for churches in the first eight years of this century.

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